Friday, August 23, 2013


Right now we are spending our days in Little Compton, RI where our family has recently bought a house. Days have been spent reading and experimenting with new recipes (Avocado pudding was attempted but did not exactly work out) . The casualness of our time spent here is much embraced, particularly after Lindsey spent most of her summer taking intensive Chinese classes. As for me however, I spent my days in Italy traveling and taking photographs. Though I enjoy the tranquility of this trip it was not as much needed as Lindsey. Here are some photos from Lindsey's and I time spent in "The LC". This post is a couple weeks late, most recent things will be coming soon, possibly in the next five min. :) 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Back to the US

Summer's coming to an end and Annie and I are committed to starting the blog we've talked about for the past 2 years. Annie is anticipating her final year of high school and applying to colleges, while I'll be returning to the University of Virginia for my third year. Above are some photos of our summer adventures. 

Arriving at Shanghai's Pudong Airport.

Teaching at a school for migrant workers' children in Shanghai.

Bizarre purchase at the metro bargain mall in Shanghai.

Jellyfish: the Chinese hermit crab. Hangzhou, China.

Cool but anti-climatic club in Shanghai's French Concession area. An old war bunker turned club.

View of Shanghai's Radio Tower at sunset.

The Bund at sunrise. Shanghai, China.